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              YH MBYQ140 Automatic heat shrink film charter
              • YH MBYQ140 Automatic heat shrink film charter
              • Name:

                YH MBYQ140 Automatic heat shrink film charter

              • Number:
              • Date:2020-01-16
              Series design features:
              1.Using modern control records and communication functions, so that manufacturers can directly design features to check the site by remote control
              Equipment and program settings can be changed without sending technicians, saving expensive travel expenses.
              2. Double roll film roll, can exchange the replacement film, film change time <3 minutes.
              3. The plastic film is not fused, but it is attached to the bottom of the packaging, and it shrinks beautifully.
              4. The servo system independently controls the film cutting, and the color film is positioned and cut accurately at high speed, and the shrinkage is uniform.
              5. It is equipped with a manual rotating conveyor belt device to easily remove the products in the heating channel when the power is off.
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